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The Kerrison Family
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..27 March 2004
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..July 2010
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Ben & Hayleys Wedding


The Kerrison Family

About us

Hi, We are the Kerrison family from the New Forest Hampshire UK. We are :- John Jane Ben & Kim

We have lived here in the New Forest for over Twenty years now.

I am originally from Dagenham Essex, and went to Valence, Lymington and Erkenwald schools. I left Dagenham when I was 15, and joined the Army, I joined the Royal Armoured Corps, and after training, was posted to the 17th/21st Lancers(The Death or Glory Boys) and then the 16th/5th The Queens Royal Lancers. I left the Colours in 1986, and was transferred to 7 Field Ambulance(Res)till 1996. I am now a CNC Miller (Machine Technician in todays meaningless gobbledegook!). I work for Eaton Aerospace UK.

Jane is a Catering Manager and is currently employed at the Local School. I can safely say that her cakes are the best I have ever tasted. If we went into baking for a living, we/she would make a fortune!!!!

Ben and Hayley were married on the 25th July 2009, at Crow Methodist Church in the New Forest.....He is a restaurant Manager. Ben and Hayley have one child, Leilah Diana.



Kim has turned into a lovely, beautiful young lady. She has become a very accomplished Ballet Dancer, achieved the A levels she wanted, and is now stepping out into the wide world. All our love goes with her xxxxxxxx. "Good Luck" My darling.








Our Family Tree

We have been busy on this for a couple of years now and thought it was time to publish it on the net,as we have come to a dead stop.We hope that anyone with more information will get in touch with us by using the guestbook at the top of this page, so that we may finish it.

The Kerrison Surname origin

My thanks go to Janet, for a lot of the Kerrison information, and Pete, for the Keslake tree, but more is needed, so please get in touch!

The Web Pages are written using SCION . A free and one of the best Genealogy programs! Try it! You won't be disapointed!!

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I'm a bit of a computer nut and particulary like my old Amiga, which I tend to use more than my PC for fun as well as its reliability,(Although Windows 7 is very much like Amiga OS3.5-3.9,.........maybe Micro$oft have seen the Light!) so my favourite links tend to be bent to that....coz I'm a sad ol' git I suppose!

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